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November 9, 2018

Behind the Box: CrossFit Breakout

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How did CrossFit Breakout get started?

We officially opened our doors on December 2nd, 2013, but the concept of CrossFit Breakout started long before that.

CrossFit Breakout began as Josh Silvernail’s dream.  His life had been changed by CrossFit through his mentors and the communities he was involved in.  He wanted to one day own his own CrossFit box, where he could bring together people of all skill levels and backgrounds, and share his passion for the sport.

As a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer, Coach Josh had the opportunity to see, firsthand, how CrossFit changed the lives of nearly everyone he met. In 2012, I was one of Josh’s many clients who quickly discovered the incredible impact CrossFit had on my own life and the lives of those around me.  In 2013, I followed Josh’s journey through the CrossFit Open and onto the North Central Regional, where I saw his talent in action and witnessed the true essence of the CrossFit community.  It was then that this dream started to become real. Less than a year later, after many conversations at my dining room table and 13 versions of our business plan, CrossFit Breakout was born.

What makes CrossFit Breakout different or special?

Our community makes us special.  The CrossFit Breakout community is truly a diverse group of people…moms/dads, military, business executives, students, grandparents…all dedicated to helping each other become the best versions of themselves. We are family at CrossFit Breakout.  The support each of our athletes gives one another is incredible.  Our athletes truly love to celebrate one another.  Our community’s connection goes well beyond the box – from bowling parties, paddle boarding, birthday celebrations and even rucks.

Our coaches make us different.  Our coaches are formally educated with degrees in exercise physiology and have obtained multiple certifications in sports performance, personal training, and strength and conditioning.  Our community is coached by Level 1 CrossFit certified trainers, CrossFit Regional athletes and former collegiate athletes.

And I can’t forget to mention Tucker, the best box dog ever!

What is a fun fact about your team?

We love doughnuts…and coffee…and often battle each other on the best doughnut shop: Spunky Dunkers versus Deerfield’s. My team also thoroughly enjoys picking on me, the box “mom”.

How Has WODHOPPER’s CrossFit Software Management System improved your box?

WODHOPPER has everything we need for both the box and our “back office”.  Their CrossFit software allows us to track attendance and communicate and maintain our members’ PRs, benchmarks, and ongoing progress.

WODHOPPER has also made it seamless for us to manage and communicate changes in our schedule.  The RSVP feature allows us to adjust for class size and skill level, when needed.  And the Scoreboard brings an element of friendly competition, which always keeps everyone on their toes (the ONLY time they’re allowed to be on their toes).

How would you describe WODHOPPER’s service and support?

WODHOPPER is the absolute best. There is never a time of day, evening or weekend when their support team hasn’t been available to answer a question.  As our box continues to grow, they are responsive to our every need and are always open to suggestions. Their CrossFit software is changing and evolving, just like we are…they rock!

How has the benchmark and daily WOD tracking/scoreboard improved your community?

Our athletes love WODHOPPER because it allows them to easily track their progress and share WOD results and PRs. For those that miss a day or who wish to repeat a WOD, our athletes can quickly recall previous WODs simply by scrolling through the app. And having a mobile app really helps our athletes who tend to travel often because they can always stay connected to the box, where ever they are.  WODHOPPER has really helped us build our community and keep all of our members engaged.

Cindy Stern – CrossFit Breakout

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