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November 9, 2018

The WODHOPPER Scoreboard Feature: Best In Class Tracking For Athletes And Coaches

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As developers of gym management and fitness software, it’s not easy for us to pick favorites among the many helpful features and components of the WODHOPPER app.

With that said, when a feature of our gym management software can impact the experience of box owners, coaches and athletes profoundly, while upholding the values and community-based philosophy of CrossFit, we may just have to make an exception.

Of course, we’re referring to The WODHOPPER Scoreboard feature—which allows for simple, device-agnostic WOD tracking and benchmarking.

But our WOD tracking and benchmarking isn’t limited to tracking and displaying results and numbers. We created it with athlete development in mind.

Let’s explore the feature and its many benefits to gym owners, athletes and coaches below.

The WODHOPPER Scoreboard’s Unique Benefits For CrossFit Athletes

Creating healthy competition

Competition is proven to drive many athletes beyond their initial expectations. Maintaining a constant level of healthy competition within your gym is essential for the growth and improvement of your athletes.

You don’t have to wait until you get to the gym to see the results of your peers up on the whiteboard. You can check the scoreboard throughout the day to figure out where you stand and how hard you need to work to surpass your peers and get to the next level.

Encouraging recognition

Everyone likes to brag from time to time. Whether you’re an experienced CrossFitter or a novice, your peers will have a front row seat to your greatest athletic achievements.

Community building at its core

When all athletes’ results are available for their peers to see, a natural support system comes to life.

Out of town? WODHOPPER makes it easy for athletes to communicate with each other, further building on the sense of community and friendship that every gym should embody.

It’s free, and there’s no need for other fitness software

This benefits both athletes and box owners, since it’s an incentive that can help boxes recruit new members.

For athletes, having free access to a tool like WODHOPPER Scoreboard is priceless. No need to open multiple fitness and workout logging apps. No need to carry around a notebook. WODHOPPER is a one stop shop for an athlete’s growth and development.

More efficient organization and tracking

There’s an inherent value in being able to track all of your results in one place. But it’s even more helpful when you have the ability to see your results history and read helpful notes you’ve written along the way.

An easier, clearer workout tracking app

It’s WODHOPPER, so you know it’s easy. WODHOPPER also does a lot of the work for you:

When a benchmark workout is programmed, and an athlete logs their score, the data automatically gets filed under benchmarks. In other words, when an athlete logs their workout and scores, WODHOPPER automatically tags and stores benchmark workout scores.

No need to fumble through different apps and learn convoluted ways to track results. Our interface is the easiest around, which will make you want to use it and check it daily.

The WODHOPPER Scoreboard’s Benefits For CrossFit Certified Trainers and Box Owners

Easy access all in one place

A whiteboard only has room for so much information, and at the end of the day, it gets erased and replaced with new numbers and information. Third party results tracking software does not integrate with your gym’s membership and inner workings, and who wants to jump from one app to another all day?

WODHOPPER Scoreboard provides box owners and coaches with the easiest, most hassle-free way to track results. Period.

Access to more in-depth information creates better coaches

Did a sore knee or a bad cold contribute to uncharacteristic results from an athlete on a particular day?

Coaches should have access to this knowledge so that they understand the context of the results posted by their athletes. By leveraging the notes feature, athletes can clue their coaches into some aspects of their training that could improve their performance. Coaches can use this information to fine tune the WOD programming and time management.

Similarly, athletes should have a wide, comprehensive picture of results over time, so they can identify trends and better analyze results.

Daily progress reports help coaches monitor the performance of their athletes effectively.

Coaches can self-evaluate based on results of their work

More accurate and contextual results means more accurate evaluation of a coach’s ability to successfully improve athlete performance over time.

Coaches can analyze results to determine whether or not their strategies and methods are working to their fullest potential.

Strengthens the CrossFit community-geared philosophy in your gym

CrossFit is about community. And if your gym has a strong, supportive community, that community is likely to grow and attract more like-minded athletes.

By using gym management, benchmarking and WOD tracking technology that encourages community, you are contributing to the success of your gym.

Ready to build your community?

Contact us today to become part of the growing CrossFit community using WODHOPPER.

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