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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a demo? +

Why did you create WODHOPPER?+

Help! I have a question or issue with the software. What should I do?+

I'm just starting a gym and I'm on a tight budget, can I afford WODHOPPER?+

What equipment do I need in my gym to start using WODHOPPER?+

Can I update accounts to place a hold fee, annual gym maintenance fee, or prorate a monthly membership fee?+

Can I add merchandise and supplement purchases to a member’s monthly account fee? (single payment/month concept)+

What happens when a member puts an item on their tab?+

Can athletes RSVP on their phones? Check in on their phones?+

Can I require my athletes to RSVP to class in advance?+

How do my members check in to class?+

What equipment is required to set-up a check-in kiosk in the box?+

What if a member forgets to check-in? Is there a way to manually check in members?+

How do members keep track of their attendance?+

Can I integrate WODHOPPER into my website?+

Is WODHOPPER compatible with all devices?+

How can WODHOPPER help me with signing up new members?+

Does paperless really mean paperless?+

How are my important membership documents saved and stored?+

Track from anywhere? How does this work?+

What information can I see remotely as a gym owner? What information can my athletes see remotely?+

Does WODHOPPER allow me to track revenues from membership fees, merchandise sales, etc.?+

How does WODHOPPER help box owners manage their gyms more efficiently?+

Are there built-in benchmarks? Can I create a custom benchmark?+

How does WODHOPPER help my coaches?+

For the product and merchandise sales functions, is there a way to track and/or incorporate sales tax?+

When an athlete suspends their membership, can WODHOPPER prorate so that the athlete won’t be charged for the entire month?+

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