June 4, 2020

Getting ready to reopen with WODHOPPER

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At some point, we will all be dusting off those barbells. I've already spoken with many of you about how you've been taking the time to renovate the space, put up a new paint job, and even start marking out WOD 'stations' with six feet of space for when the gym re-opens. I commend you all for the speed with which you have adapted and the creative ways you are making the best out of a terrible situation.

If you have not been using the WODHOPPER for class reservations (RSVP) up to now, this article is for you. If you have been using it, you'll still find useful strategies for re-opening.

Here are the issues we need to address:

1) Limit class sizes to maintain distance between athletes
2) Service all members with smaller classes
3) Fairly allocate limited class spots
4) Prevent and discourage no-shows

I am working with gyms that are opening now. Here are some ideas being tried:

1) Shorter, more frequent classes (e.g. 30 min class duration)
2) Athletes arrive early and warm up in the parking lot
3) Encourage anyone who can come off-peak to do so
4) Closed schedule - gym manager assigns members class times each week
5) Perks for members who kept their membership active during stay-at-home, e.g:
- First choice for classes
- Protection for rate increases that may be needed to accommodate smaller class sizes

Let's set this up in WODHOPPER

A) Revamp your schedule

1) Gym Schedule -> Class Schedule/Timetable -> Weekly Schedule
2) Swipe left to remove classes
3) Create new schedule in one shot with comma-separated times

B) Choose your limits

1) Gym Settings -> Class Schedule/Timetable -> Schedule Settings
2) Limit how far in advance someone can reserve
3) Require RSVP/UN-RSVP before a cutoff time

C) Email members instructions

We are including a template in your communication portal, to send to members showing them how to add WODHOPPER to their phone's home screen and create their login. Look for a template called "Installing WODHOPPER"

D) Waitlists

When a class fills, members can still join the waitlist. If someone un-rsvps, the first person on the waitlist will be added to the class and notified via SMS or email.

Here is a video showing how to revamp your schedule most efficiently:

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