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July 30, 2019

Making the Switch to WODHOPPER is a Breeze

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If you’re reading this, there’s a solid chance you’re having issues with your current gym management software. 

Thankfully, we have a solution here at WODHOPPER for whatever that specific issue, or combination of issues, might be!

But before we address that, let’s take a step back, and understand what usually brings this problem about.

Balancing Responsibilities as a Box Owner

As a box owner, you have a pretty busy life! But that’s not to say it’s not fun. We know how fun and rewarding it can be to own and operate a gym.

With that said, many box owners tend to be presented with two different sets of priorities and responsibilities—let’s call them branches.

The first branch is external—it’s a promise you make to members that your gym exists to make them better athletes and healthier people. You show these priorities in many ways, ranging from how clean you keep your gym to the equipment you buy, and the quality and dedication of your coaches.

The second branch is internal—it’s a promise you make to yourself that the existence of your gym can be rationalized by profitability, a strong athlete and coach community, and flawless operations.

Balancing these two branches of responsibilities can be really tough! Often, box owners look to gym management software for the answer, ending up with a product that satisfies many if not all of the following needs:

  • Coach scheduling and customizing of workouts
  • Athlete WOD tracking and logging of progress
  • Community building and communication within the gym
  • Easy signup and onboarding for new members
  • Member billing and product sales
  • Financial reporting
  • Easy class sign-up and RSVP

It’s vital for any successful gym to have features like the ones listed above.

But what happens when gym management software is overly complex or gets bogged down with old data? 

Issues like these are common, and they tend to do more harm than good, stripping away efficiency and profitability from gyms that were seeking just that, and making the lives of owners, coaches and athletes harder than they need to be.

Gym owners tend to vary in the solutions they adopt for these issues. Some gyms live with the problem for a long time, accepting it as an unfortunate necessity within the operation of their gym.

The most logical solution is to make a switch to a different gym management software that doesn’t suffer from these issues.

With that said, many gym owners are wary of switching gym management software because they perceive that doing so is a complex, time-consuming process requiring tons of additional work on their end. 

But we have good news:

Switching to WODHOPPER couldn’t be simpler!

Benefits of making the switch

WODHOPPER strives to simplify gym management, and this philosophy isn’t limited to a gym’s day to day operations. It also means we make it as easy as possible to switch.

We work with tons of gym owners who are making the switch from other gym management software to WODHOPPER.

Gym owners tend to switch for many reasons, usually rooted in frustration for their existing system. Sometimes, gym owners using other software products have experienced specific service issues such as mistakes in the billing of members. Several other systems have increased pricing, making it difficult for gym owners to rationalize increase costs.

The main words we hear are: “Clunky, Overly Complex, More than I need.” That’s why we keep WODHOPPER simple and easy to use, with every feature you need to succeed as a gym owner, but without the added complexity.

Painless Conversion

When you decide to make the switch, a WODHOPPER conversion expert will assist in the transfer of all the data you need.

This way, you know you won’t be leaving any crucial data behind, and you won’t be bugging your athletes two months down the road for information you forgot to keep in the system.

Our goal is to work with you to get WODHOPPER up and running as quickly as possible at your gym. Our team has helped gym owners transition from numerous other gym management software products and is savvy at doing so quickly and efficiently.

Our conversion experts transfer over athlete information and get you set up for success. Most of the “getting started” information is covered during our 30-minute demo (Request a 30-minute demo now to learn more!).

Get a Clean Slate

With the essential data transferred, a WODHOPPER conversion expert will help to set up a gym management system for your gym, with best practices in mind from the start. This way, your gym will get started on the right foot, avoiding issues with data and complex processes down the road.

Many gym management software products provide too many membership options, complicating the onboarding process. If the check-in system is too cumbersome, members will stop using it. This results in inaccurate attendance data and can cause you to miss when someone starts to drop off. 

Catching this is a chance to re-engage with a member and retain them. With WODHOPPER’s easy onboarding process, you can feel confident that you have accurate member and class attendance data.

Personal Support

Our personalized support does not end with you making the switch. Our dedicated team is available. Call anytime with questions or issues and we will be ready to assist.


Obviously, it’s important for you to let your athletes and coaches know that you’ll be making the switch.

With that said, the simplicity of using WODHOPPER is unparalleled, so it won’t take long for your coaches and athletes to learn the ins and outs of all the features they need.

We also understand how important it is to stay organized when it comes to billing during a software switch, ensuring that double-billing or rejected payments will not be an issue.

An Easy Timeline

A concern most gym owners have regarding making the switch to a new gym management software is time. 

Most gym owners don’t want to spend a grueling amount of time migrating data and putting in work to facilitate the switch—and rightly so! Switching gym management software shouldn’t distract you from doing your number 1 job: Training your athletes and running your gym smoothly. 

WODHOPPER makes the switch quick and painless

There’s a 3-5 business day waiting process to set up a merchant account so gyms can have funds deposited into their account. 

During that time, we complete all the other setup items, such as importing members, customizing emails, adding WODHOPPER links to the gym website and more.

Once the merchant account is live, your system is fully operational! It usually takes around 30-days for the gym to migrate members off the old platform onto WODHOPPER. This can be accelerated with self-service options and emails we automatically send to members to get them going.

At the end of the day, this depends on how promptly your members get on board with the new software. Just like any gym, there are usually a few stragglers, but making the switch as a member couldn’t be easier. 

Learn more about switching to WODHOPPER

Use the form below to schedule a 30-minute demo of WODHOPPER, where we can discuss your gym and its needs in detail, review how our features, and if you’re ready, plan an easy, seamless migration.

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