January 29, 2020

How To: Schedule Coaches at Your Gym Using WODHOPPER

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We've found that gyms usually have one of three approaches to scheduling coaches. WODHOPPER is perfectly suited for each approach to make scheduling easy!

1. A regular weekly schedule with occasional substitutions

This is the most common and easiest approach. Using "Gym Settings" > "Class Schedule (or Timetable)" > "Weekly Schedule," you set up your standard coaching schedule. Then, you can make individual changes to the schedule to override the weekly defaults as needed.

You can also make "game time" changes right from the check-in screen.

2) A rolling schedule (aka. Firehouse schedule)

In this case, your schedule changes every 3-6 weeks. We most often see this case when coaches have other shift jobs (such as firefighters) whose schedules change from week to week. In this case, coaches use a WODHOPPER login from their phone. Coaches can indicate their typical availability and indicate exceptions, or they can input their availability for each class individually.

WODHOPPER provides a graphical view of which coaches are available and scheduled for each class to easily set your schedule in advance.

Coaches can see the classes they have been scheduled for via their WODHOPPER login

3) A first come, first serve schedule

In this process, a gym manager usually fills the coaching schedule for some of the classes. But some classes are left open, without a coach. Any gaps in the schedule will be available for coaches to "claim" on a first-come-first-serve basis. The gym manager can keep an eye on whether any classes are still requiring a coach.

Below you will find a series of videos showing how to use and enable these features:

How to designate a coach:

How to add a coach to the weekly schedule:

How to build the schedule 60 days in advance (in case you schedule coaches further out that 30 days):

How to substitute a coach for a specific date, or build the schedule from scratch:

The key difference is you make these changes on the Class Occurrences screen, rather than the Weekly Schedule.

How to enable coach self-scheduling:

In this approach, coaches will have first dibs to pick classes. The gym manager will fill in blanks and make final adjustments. Also shows settings for how/if coaches appear on the schedule.

How to check in as a coach or "Clock in" when coaching a class:

How to make a game time coaching change (i.e. how to change coaches from the check-in screen):

How coaches can enter their weekly availability:

How coaches can input their current schedule (for coaches who don't have consistent availability week to week):

How to run a coach activity report (e.g. payroll report):

Any additional questions? Send us an email at or type a question into the live chat on the bottom right of your screen!

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