May 30, 2019

WODHOPPER’s Simple RSVP and Check-In Feature, and the Benefits of Online and Offline Functionality

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It’s pretty obvious that gyms look to gym management software as a resource to simplify day to day operations, add efficiency, and cut costs. 

But it’s not that simple:

In addition to being well designed and user friendly, gym membership software also needs to be flexible—capable of adapting to the needs of gym owners, managers, coaches and athletes who use it.

Today we’re going to discuss a couple facets of WODHOPPER that embody this flexibility:

Online and Offline Functionality, and Simple RSVP and Check-In

Effective Gym Check In Software Benefits Athletes, Gym Owners and Coaches

Gyms are only successful if they’re able to engage their athletes, and a big part of engaging athletes is making sure they are interacting with gym member management software in the right way.

WODHOPPER differs from other gym check in systems in that it makes it especially simple and beneficial for athletes to truly embrace and consistently use your gym’s RSVP and check-in system.

This makes gym membership tracking and billing a breezed for you as a gym owner, and it makes training quite a bit easier easier for coaches, who need to know how many people will be attending their classes.

In addition, those coaches benefit from having specific information from athletes on results, tracked workouts and goals. With this information, they can create a more effective and customized workouts.

And where is that information collected? You guessed it!

In the WODHOPPER app.

WODHOPPER’s RSVP and Check-In system is fast and easy, increasing athlete responsiveness and engagement. Athletes will no longer have an excuse to not use your check-in system, so you will always know who is attending which class.

Technology Is Great—Until It Doesn't Work

We just discussed the importance of athlete engagement, and how WODHOPPER’s gym membership software goes a long way in achieving that goal, but what happens to all that when your wifi connection goes off?

The answer is simple: Nothing.

Our software is built both with the flexibility to make running a gym easier, as well as the resiliency demanded by both athletes and coaches alike.

That means that WODHOPPER works both online and offline.

When Would You Use WODHOPPER Offline?

While offline functionality may seem more like an added bonus than a key feature, it’s easy to underestimate how much of a life-saver it can be.

Here are some scenarios where offline capability saves the day.

Bad Connection

If the internet connection at a gym goes down or is spotty, the WODHOPPER app still retains all of the important elements of its functionality. Coaches and owners can:

  • Register walk-ins
  • Process electronic waivers
  • Check people into class
  • Log workouts
  • View reports

Gyms equipped with WODHOPPER very rarely experience downtime:

When the app is able to reconnect to the internet, it syncs back up, retaining every piece of important data, and avoiding major headaches. This also protects you from losing important data that could cause you gym to lose money.


If you are a gym owner and are traveling or commuting without wifi or a data plan on your iPad, you can still access everything you need within the WODHOPPER app.

This means whether you’re on the bus or on a plane, you don’t have to wait until you get to the gym or your office to catch up on your work or check your gym’s financials.

Clutch at Busy Times and During Competitions

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with slow or frozen software, especially when users are relying on it to work at a specific time.

If you’re hosting a competition or even a large class at your gym, and the WiFi is painfully slow with the massive influx of users, that’s not a problem:

Check-In and WOD Tracking to power a leaderboard are fully functional online or off.

Which Parts of WODHOPPER Work Offline?

It might make more sense to ask “what doesn’t work offline?”

The vast majority of WODHOPPER’s features are available 24/7, online or off, including:

  • RSVP and Check-In
  • Paperless Enrollment
  • Waivers and Health Assessments
  • Remote tracking
  • Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • WOD Tracking

Our only feature that truly requires internet access in order to function is authorizing new payments.

How Valuable is Offline Capability?

While we went over some scenarios showing how clutch offline capability can be, how much of a difference does it really make when it comes to the day-to-day operations of a gym

Ever wonder why your existing platform works just fine for your early morning class, but never seems to update properly during your busiest session after work?

WODHOPPER doesn't rely on internet connectivity to power the necessary features to host a session, so you won't have to deal with slow servers on the software side

Because WODHOPPER’s key functionalities are all available offline, most of the heavy lifting is done on the iPad itself rather than the network. This keeps our servers from getting overwhelmed at peak hours like 5:00 pm, when most gyms start their busiest classes.

WODHOPPER functions just as quickly at our busiest times, while many other systems experience slowdowns during peak hours.

WODHOPPER also has very little downtime. If there is ever a system outage when the software is in use, the iPads running the app continues functioning like normal until the servers were back online.

Flexibility and Resiliency are Keys to Success

At WODHOPPER, we create software that makes gym management easy, from athlete check-in to financial reporting, with tons of key features in between.

But “easy” goes beyond the functionality of each feature, the general user experience of the app, and the learning curve required to operate the software.

It’s also about having a product that eliminates headaches caused by unpredictable events.

No gym owner benefits if their “easy to use” gym membership software goes down.

That’s why we built online and offline functionality into the core of WODHOPPER.

When something just works, people have a tendency to take it for granted. But when gym owners hear about their friend’s systems going offline, they realize how nice it is that it has never happened to them.

Are you “the friend” in this scenario?

A demo of WODHOPPER takes under 30 minutes and can save you countless hours in the future.

Schedule your demo and see how our gym management software helps you stay on track even when you’re offline.

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