October 2, 2019

How To: Discount a Future Month's Membership Dues in WODHOPPER

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There are many cases in which you might want to discount a specific months membership dues:

1) Reward to a member for referring you business

2) Applying a 'store credit' to a future membership payment

3) Applying a "coupon" or "gift card" that was given to a member

4) Barter - applying a discount to future membership in exchange for services received

These are just four common examples.

It’s important to have this functionality, because as seen in the examples above, it can give you a lot of flexibility and help you implement sales and referral initiatives, which in turn help gyms grow and be profitable.

Discounting a future month’s membership dues in WODHOPPER is simple: 

Any time you'd like to reduce a future payment, you will use a feature in WODHOPPER called the "voucher.” Using the voucher tender type, you will be able to reduce a future payment by the amount of the voucher.

You want to think in terms of how much you are discounting. With that in mind, you will effectively "process a voucher payment" for that amount, which can be applied toward the appropriate month’s bill.

This video shows how quick and easy it is to apply a $50 discount to a future month's dues. The exact steps are outlined below the video:


  1. Go to “Athletes” -> Select [Athlete Name] -> Select “Collect Payment”
  2. Tap “Dues” to add them to the cart
  3. Tap the item in the cart and adjust the price to the amount you are going to voucher off (Note: this tends to be what trips most people up. Don't change the price to the amount they will still owe. Change it to the amount you are taking off).
  4. Switch the payment method to “Voucher” (Tap "Other, then “Voucher")
  5. Process the voucher

Note: Voucher payments are recorded in the transaction history, but are not included in your revenue reports. Members do not receive an email receipt automatically for a voucher payment.

Any additional questions? Send us an email at or type a question into the live chat on the bottom right of your screen!

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