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November 9, 2018

Lead Generation for CrossFit Affiliates

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WODHOPPER, a leading CrossFit Software System, released a new lead generation feature for CrossFit affiliates today.

The lead generation feature plugs into any CrossFit gym’s website. It allows prospective members to select their first class, complete their personal information, fitness goals, health assessment, and sign the waiver all online.

WODHOPPER then emails the CrossFit affiliate owner all this information and also lists the member as a Lead under the Athletes menu. WODHOPPER will then begin a marketing campaign to the lead. After signing up it will send out a thank you and what to expect email to the lead. 24 hours before the members first CrossFit class it will send them a reminder email. After the lead shows up for class the system will send out a follow-up email. If the lead does not show up the system will send them a sorry we missed you email and ask them to select another class.

Contact us today to become part of the growing CrossFit community using WODHOPPER.

WODHOPPER affiliate gym management software example
Paperless Enrollment
WODHOPPER affiliate gym management software report example
WODHOPPER affiliate gym management software RSVP example
Fast & Simple RSVP/Check-In

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