March 3rd, 2019

The Curated CrossFit Video Library: 25+ Channels of Funny Videos, WODs and Fitness Advice to Inspire CrossFitters

Everybody loves a good video, but video content is particularly useful for CrossFit athletes and coaches.

Videos can help CrossFit athletes understand the form for certain movements, visualize WODs, follow inspirational stories, and have a good laugh—because let’s face it, CrossFitters love to poke fun at themselves from time to time.

We’re not just CrossFit software people, we are CrossFit enthusiasts, and because of our love for CrossFit-related video content, we’ve decided to put together a video library of our own.

This library contains the best of the best when it comes to individual videos, prominent YouTube channels, and inspirational content.

Ready to watch some videos?

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The Best CrossFit Videos

Below you’ll find links to the best videos or video channels in CrossFit, along with a description of the channel.

The name of each video source links to its channel, so you can check out additional videos by specific users.

With 25+ video channels, you’ll never run out of high quality CrossFit video content!

CrossFit WODs and Movements Videos

Misfit Athletics

Misfit Athletics’ channel contains podcasts, vlogs, and videos of their athletes going through intense programming. You will love the variety on this channel, from inspirational “day in the life” type content to actual workouts and WODs.

Here’s a great video that shows a butterfly pullup progression:

CrossFit Soar

The CrossFit SOAR YouTube channel does an exceptional job showcasing specific CrossFit movements and explaining them in a way that athletes of all levels can understand. If you’re trying to nail down a specific movement, this is the channel for you.

Here’s a great reason that explains some things that could be preventing you from doing pull ups:

CrossFit Soar

The CrossFit SOAR YouTube channel does an exceptional job showcasing specific CrossFit movements and explaining them in a way that athletes of all levels can understand. If you’re trying to nail down a specific movement, this is the channel for you.

Here’s a great reason that explains some things that could be preventing you from doing pull ups:

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TrainFTW contains wonderful exercise programs for the training athlete. Learn the correct form for specific movements in an easy to understand way. The experts at Train FTW put out great content.

Here’s a really cool bar muscle-up warm up you can try:


Yet another extremely varied video source that ranges from great workout-specific content to more inspiration content that focuses on the lives of the people who run the channel. The channel itself is not exclusively about CrossFit, but there’s plenty of awesome CrossFit-related content.

Here’s a video that will teach you how to do your first muscle up:

Noah Ohlsen

From his vlog to his movement and nutrition tips, Noah Ohlsen’s YouTube channel is a one-stop-shop for any CrossFitter who wants to be inspired, improve their eating habits, and become a better athlete.

Here are some tips from Noah on how to use your grips:

WOD Prep

Wodprep gives great advice for open workouts and progressions. If you want to truly learn workouts and progressions from real experts, look no further than this channel.

Here’s a video that teaches you how to develop a handstand pushup:

The Movement Fix

The Movement Fix is a series of workshops, and videos that discuss movement, and how it relates to CrossFit and functional fitness. They take a very unique approach, showing real doctors that demonstrate potential mobility restrictions on athletes. This channel is a must watch!

Here’s a quick hip assessment for squatting:

General Fitness and Strength Culture Videos


TeamRichey is a UK-based vlogger who uses his videos to demonstrate his growth through CrossFit. If you’re looking for great, “day in the life” style content, this is the channel for you.

Here’s a great interview with Jason Khalipa:

Jason Khalipa

Jason Khalipa has competed in the CrossFit Games on 8 separate occasions. Competing as an individual for 7 consecutive years, and wrapping up an 8th year as a team competitor. His channel showcases his expertise, with great content that will get you motivated to become more fit!

Here’s an inspirational welcome video from Jason:

Simply Mander

Simply Mander’s channel is an extremely varied content resource for CrossFitters. Her videos are well-designed and range from meal prep to demonstrating actual workouts.

Here’s a video from SimplyMander on meal prep:


The person who runs this ObeseToBeast’s channel lost over 150 pounds through bodybuilding and CrossFit. If you’re looking for a video channel that focuses on weight loss, this is the channel for you.

Here’s a great video on dieting, exercise, and keeping weight off:

Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence is a very successful CrossFit athlete who trains extremely hard, so her videos, which chronicle her journey through CrossFit and competing are incredibly inspirational. Check them out!

Here’s a 20 questions video to get to know Brooke Ence:

CrossFit Invictus

CrossFit Invictus’ YouTube channel contains all sorts of great CrossFit content. From following athletes at the CrossFit games to demonstrating proper form, there is something here for every CrossFitter.

Here’s an inspirational “Day in the Life” video for CrossFitter Kelsey Kiel:

Training Think Tank

Training Think Tank goes the extra mile through their videos to demonstrate their effective training techniques, many of which the average athlete can learn from and implement into their workouts. Check out this awesome channel for inspiration.

Here’s a great video about the CrossFit Open:

Jacob Heppner

Jacob Heppner is a 3-time Crossfit Games Athlete and 7th Fittest Man on Earth in 2016. His videos range from workouts to more vlog style content, and they’re all fantastic!

Are you fitter than a 12 year old? Watch this video to find out (hind: you might not be)!

Carl Paoli

Carl Paoli is a CrossFit gymnastics expert, so he brings an interesting perspective to his content, which ranges from workouts and movements to great interviews and inspirational content.

Here’s a bar muscle up progression from Carl Paoli:


Powered by FloSports, FloElite is an excellent source for live event coverage, breaking news, and original content of CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, strongman, and powerlifting.

Here’s a cool video from Wodapalooza:

Sara Sigmundsdottir’s FitAid Series

Sara Sigmundsdottir is a professional CrossFitter, and while this is not a YouTube channel, it’s a wonderful series of videos that will inspire you. Follow Sara on her journey and get pumped!

Here’s the first video of the series:

Videos from CrossFit HQ

CrossFit and The CrossFit Journal

It’s no surprise that some of the absolute best content in all of CrossFit is housed on CrossFit and The CrossFit Journal’s YouTube channels. Check out the extremely wide variety of content housed on this wonderful resource.

Here’s a great video featuring Greg Glassman himself!


As developers of CrossFit gym management software, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to be at the forefront when it comes to understanding the needs and preferences of the CrossFit community, whether it’s gym owners, coaches, or CrossFit athletes.

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Here’s our full demo video:

This is a quicker demo of Wodhopper:

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Funny CrossFit Videos


Armen Hammer has a wide variety of content, but his demeanor adds an element of comedy to most of his videos, whether or not the intention is to do so. As a bonus, his content is of the highest quality, and we really enjoy it.

Here’s an introduction to Armen Hammer’s style of video:

Camilo Murillo

Camilo Murillo has some great CrossFit related content, but this video in particular on CrossFit etiquette will resonate with most:


Here’s a funny video of people trying CrossFit for the first time:

Late Night with Seth Myers

Actor Max Greenfield talks about his experience at The CrossFit Games with Seth Myers on his show:

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